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First Author Publications

Kartaltepe, J. S. , et al., "Observations of Nebular Emission Lines in Far-Infrared Galaxies from the FMOS-COSMOS Survey," 2014, ApJL, submitted

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Kartaltepe, J. S. & Balonek, T. J., "The Multiple Timescales of Optical Variability of the Blazar 3C 279 During the 2001-2002 Outburst," 2007, AJ, 133, 2866

Major Contriubution

Silverman, J. et al. 2014 " The FMOS-COSMOS survey of star-forming galaxies at z ∼ 1.6 III. Survey design, performance, and sample characteristics," ApJ, submitted

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Other Refereed Publications

Scoville, N. et al., "ALMA Imaging of HCN, CS and Dust in ARP 220 and NGC 6240" 2014, ApJ, submitted

Riguccini, L. et al., "The composite nature of Dust-Obscured Galaxies (DOGs) at z ∼ 2 − 3 in the COSMOS field: I. A Far-Infrared View" 2014, MNRAS, submitted

Lee, N. et al., "A Turnover in the Galaxy Main Sequence of Star Formation at M∗ ∼ 10^10M⊙ for Redshifts z < 1.3" 2014, ApJ, in press

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Conference Proceedings

Kartaltepe, J. S., et al.,"(U)LIRG Morphology and Color: 70 μm Selected Galaxies in the COSMOS Field," 2009, ASPC, 408, 472

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Svetlana, J. et al. "Multi-Frequency Monitoring of Three Gamma-Ray Quasars," 2003, AIPC

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